4 Things to Avoid When Planning Your Next Virtual Event

Planning your next virtual event might seem fairly straightforward, until something goes wrong. To avoid mistakes when planning a virtual event, we’ve created a list of the top four (4) things to avoid for a successful event:

  • Choosing the Wrong Platform
  • Choosing the Wrong Session Times/Lengths
  • Choosing the Wrong Sponsors
  • Choosing to Plan the Event Last Minute

We are going to talk about each of these mistakes in more detail to help you understand why they could ruin your event.

1. Choosing the Wrong Platform

While Zoom seems to be the name we all know when it comes to virtual meetings and events they are not the only virtual event platform. It is important to make sure you choose the right platform for your event. This will make all the difference.

If the platform makes it difficult to run the event smoothly or it’s too difficult for attendees to interact with, then the event will not be as successful as you would hope.

2. Choosing the Wrong Session Times/Lengths

When you are planning a virtual event you need to ensure the times and lengths of the session and breakouts work well. If they are too long then you will have attendees zoning out or walking away from their computers. If they are too short then there isn’t time to deliver the information or entertainment.

The general rule of thumb is to keep each virtual meeting or conference session under 60 minutes. Anything over 60 minutes and you start to lose your audience’s attention. Ideally, 30 minute sessions with a detailed takeaway resource is the best option.

3. Choosing the Wrong Sponsors

Even virtual events need sponsors. But choosing the best sponsor for your virtual event is just as important to it’s success. Choose a sponsor that fits your niche, the topic of the event and most importantly that resonates with your audience – even in a virtual setting.

4. Choosing to Plan The Event Last Minute

One of the benefits of a virtual event is that they do take less time to plan. But you don’t want to fall into the belief that you can plan a virtual event within a day or two. People still want time to adjust their schedules so they can plan to attend. You also want to plan a quality event and even when it is virtual, that can’t happen in a day.

Put together a realistic timeline before settling on a date for your event. Most importantly, when in doubt look into working with an event planner who has experience supporting virtual events.

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