Combat Zoom Fatigue At Your Virtual Meeting

Zoom fatigue is real and there isn’t a person reading this that hasn’t had a moment of zoning out during a Zoom meeting. But the truth of the matter is that virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere, at least not for a while. That means that we need to find some ways to make this new normal a little more enjoyable by combating Zoom fatigue.

We have come up with five things that actually work when it comes to giving you some relief from being over virtual meetings.

1. Have an Agenda and Stick to It

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is to have an agenda and actually follow it. This will help keep everyone focused and they will also have a good idea of when the meeting will be over.

Don’t veer from the agenda and add more things or keep the attendees longer. This is just going to add to the frustration and Zoom fatigue.

2. Keep the Meeting Short

Keep the meeting short, and by this we mean to keep all of the meetings short. There should not be a virtual meeting that is over an hour long without a break. Whether this is an event or annual meeting, give attendees an opportunity to grab a refreshment and stretch their legs.

The longer people are on a virtual meeting the more likely the chance of developing Zoom fatigue.

3. Hide “Self View”

There are very few people that like to look at themselves in a mirror let alone in a virtual meeting. This keeps your mind reeling and analyzing your every move and how you look. The best way to deal with this is to turn off self-view. This will make the virtual meeting more like an in-person meeting. You don’t look at yourself when you are in a conference room so don’t do it in a virtual meeting.

If you want to take it to the next level just turn your camera off completely.

4. Try Something Different

There are multiple ways to communicate information and that doesn’t need to be in a meeting. If you choose to have a virtual event, think about what information being presented can actually be packed into a PDF or video that can be watched post event. Then use the in-person meeting time to deliver the most urgent, important and impactful pieces of information.

5. Don’t Multitask

The temptation to multitask during a virtual meeting is undeniable. We want to keep our hands busy and it is harder to focus in a virtual conference room. But the act of multitasking contributes to the Zoom fatigue that you may be experiencing. Try to focus solely on the meeting that is happening and forget about everything else. While this isn’t easy it is necessary.

If you’re worried about Zoom fatigue at your next virtual event, give us a call to learn about our best audience engagement tactics.

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Combat Zoom Fatigue At Your Virtual Meeting

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